Date Title Presenter
12/27/2014 Who is this Child Pr. Serban
12/20/2014 The Gift Pr. Serban
12/13/2014 Goodbye Heavens Pr. Serban
12/06/2014 Christ in Ruth Pr. Serban
11/27/2014 Stand Sill and Thankful Pr. Serban
11/22/2014 For Better or Worse Pr. Serban
11/15/2014 (no recorded)
11/08/2014 Grace Beyond Expectations Pr. Serban
11/01/2014 Foundations for Godly Home Pr. Serban
10/25/2014 God will take care of you Pr. Serban
10/18/2014 In the Garden Pr. Serban
10/11/2014 Living Healthy in the Last Days James Peake
09/27/2014 A True Love Story Pr. Serban
09/20/2014 Idolatry Pr. Serban
09/13/2014 To Sinlessness Pr. Serban
09/06/2014 Open My Eyes that I May See Pr. Serban
08/30/2014 My people which are called Elder David Haugsted
08/23/2014 Thy Will be done Pr. Serban
08/02/2014 The Secret of Victory Pr. Serban
07/26/2014 The Law of Love Pr. Serban
07/19/2014 Agape Love Pr. Serban
07/12/2014 The Blueprint of Adventist Education (no recorded) Movie
07/05/2014 The Right Church (no recorded) Pr. Serban
06/27/2014 Obstacles to Perfection Pr. Serban
06/21/2014 The Mark of Cain Pr. Serban
06/14/2014 Sinless Life (no recorded) Pr. Serban
06/07/2014 A Child of the King Pr. Serban
05/31/2014 Carolina Conference Camp Meeting Pr. Rojas
05/24/2014 Remember the Sacrifice Pr. Serban
05/17/2014 O Day of Rest and Gladness Pr. Serban
05/10/2014 Women around the world Adriana Serban
05/03/2014 God's Immutable Law Peter Cousin
04/26/2014 He is risen Pr. Serban
04/19/2014 At the cross Pr. Serban
04/12/2014 The Servant King Pr. Serban
04/05/2014 Welcome to Heaven Pr. Serban
03/29/2014 Concert (no recorded) Herman & Sonia Harp
03/15/2014 The End of the World Pr. Serban
03/08/2014 Cancel due to weather  
03/01/2014 Not recorded  
02/22/2014 God's Beautiful Weeds TCA
02/15/2014 Cuban Mission Trip Report Bev & Gary
02/08/2014 The Judgment Has Set Pr. Serban
02/01/2014 From Palace to Zoo Pr. Serban
01/25/2014 Faith in the Fire Pr. Serban
01/18/2014 Wholly Thine (no recorded) Pr. Serban
01/11/2014 Never Alone Adriana Serban
01/04/2014 Jesus   Bonita Reynolds