Date Title Presenter
12/19/2015 Christmas Musical Program (Not recorded)
12/12/2015 A Gift or a Loss Pr. Serban
12/05/2015 The Paradoxes of Christmas Pr. Serban
11/28/2015 Living with Thanksgiving Pr. Serban
11/21/2015 The Unpardonable Sin Darrin Bartell
11/14/2015 Secrets To Good Health Darrin Bartell
11/07/2015 The Subject Satan Hates
Darrin Bartell
10/31/2015 A knowck at Midnight Darrin Bartell
10/24/2015 The Bold Beholder Darrin Bartell
10/17/2015 By Faith, Barak Pr. Serban
10/10/2015 No recorded  
10/03/2015 By Faith, Alone Pr. Serban
09/26/2015 By Faith, Gideon Pr. Serban
09/19/2015 TCA Grand Opening (No recorded) Dan Jackson
09/12/2015 By Faith, Rahab Pr. Serban
09/05/2015 By Faith The Children Pr. Serban
08/29/2015 Giants of Faith Pr. Serban
08/22/2015 The Love of God = Biblical Literacy Dr. Harry Janetzko
08/16/2015 The Sermon on the Mount Jerry Orrell
08/08/2015 Gianst of Faith Bonita Reynolds
08/01/2015 Who is The Holy Spirit Dr. Willy Roey
07/25/2015 By Faith, Moses' Parents Pr. serban
07/18/2015 SDA Youth Group Testimony
07/11/2015 No recorded
07/04/2015 Creation Explained Dr. Martin
06/27/2015 The Master Plan J. Orell
06/20/2015 The Faith Once Delivered Peter Cousin
06/13/2015 Heavenly Footsteps: A Scientist's Walk with God Dr. Martin
06/06/2015 By Faith, Jacob Pr. Serban
05/06/2015 Camp Meeting (no recorded)
05/23/2015 By Faith Isaac Pr. Serban
05/16/2015 By Faith Abraham Pr. Serban
05/09/2015 By Faith Sarah Pr. Serban
05/02/2015 Thou Shart Have No Other Gods Before Me Willie Roey
04/25/2015 Baptismal Service (no recorded) Pr. Serban
04/18/2015 By Faith, Abraham Pr. Serban
04/11/2015 By Faith, Noah Pr. Serban
04/04/2015 He Lives Darrin Bartell
03/27/2015 By Faith, Enoc Pr. Serban
03/20/2015 By Faith, Abel Pr. Serban
03/14/2015 Creation and Faith Pr. Serban
03/07/2015 Faith Matters Pr. Serban
02/28/2015 You Shall Love Your Neighbor Pr. Serban
02/14/2015 You Shall Be Perfect Pr. Serban
02/07/2015 You shall Love Your Enemy (no recorded) Pr. Serban
01/31/2015 EGW says about Last Day Events Gary H.
01/24/2015 You should humble yourself Pr. Serban
01/17/2015 What the Bible says about last Day Events Gary H.
01/10/2015 You Shall Not Treasure Posessions Pr. Serban
01/03/2015 You Shall Not Worry  Pr. Serban