Date Series Title Scriptures Presenter
12/31/2016 The Essentails John 14:1-4 Jeff Collier
12/24/2016 The promise The Second Christmas Isaiah 9:6 Pr. Serban
12/17/2016 The Promise Takeaways from Christmas Pr. Serban
12/10/2016 First Christmas at the Gates Psalms 51:1-12 Pr. Serban
12/03/2016 Incarnation Before Creation Gen 3:1-15; John 3:16 Pr. Serban
11/26/2016 Be Thankful Phil. 4:4-7: Ps 100 Pr. Serban
11/19/2016 Brothers and Sisters? Philippians 4:20-23 Pr. Serban
11/12/2016 Giving and Receiving Philippians 4:15-20 Pr. Serban
11/05/2016 The Secret of Contentment Philippians 4:8-14 Pr. Serban
10/29/2016 The Christian Mind Philippians 4:8-9 Pr. Serban
10/22/2016 Be Anxious for Nothing Philippians 4:4-7 Pr. Serban
10/15/2016 Smashed and Broken Isaiah 53:1-5 Pr. Serban
10/08/2016 The Building Blocks of Faith Hebrew 11:1-3 Jeff Collier
10/01/2016 War Romans 12:1-2 Jim Ingersoll
09/17/2016 Peacemakers Matthew 18:15-20 Pr. Serban
09/10/2016 Citizens of Heaven Phil 3:20-21;4:1 Pr. Serban
09/03/2016 Enemies of the Cross Phil 3:18-19 Pr. Serban
08/27/2016 Reaching the Unreachable Philippians 3:17 Pr. Serban
08/20/2016 The Call to Perseverance 2 Pet. 1:5-7, Lam 3:25-26 Adam Malina
08/13/2016 The Meaning of Life Perfect But Not Perfect Phil 3:10-11 Pr. Serban
08/06/2016 Remembering Your First Love Rev 2:4;3:17,18,20 Jeff Collier
07/30/2016 The Meaning of Life The Summit of Christian Life Phil 3:10-11 Pr. Serban
07/23/2016 The Meaning of Life First Thing, First Phil 3:4-9 Pr. Serban
07/16/2016 The Meaning of Life Be Aware Phil 3:1-3 Pr. Serban
07/09/2016 The Meaning of Life Live So As to Be Missed Phil 2:25-30 Pr. Serban
07/02/2016 The Meaning of Life When Plans Delay Phil 2:19-24 Pr. Serban
06/26/2016 The Meaning of Life Lift Him Up Phil 2:16-22 Pr. Serban
06/18/2016 The Meaning of Life Not I, But You Phil 2:12-18 Pr.Serban
06/11/2016 The Meaning of Life You shall Not Grable Phil 2:12-16 Pr. Serban
06/04/2016 Get Up (no record it) Luke 7:11-17 Jim Simonds
05/28/2016 The Meaning of Life Save by Grace, Lost by Works Phil 2:12-13, Matt. 25:34-46 Pr. Serban
05/21/2016 The Meaning of Life Upside Down! Phil 2:9-11, Matt. 5:3-12 Pr. Serban
05/14/2016 The Meaning of Life Let This Mind Be In You Phil 2:5-9 Pr. Serban
05/07/2016 The Meaning of Life The Most Impossible Commandment Phi. 2:1-4, Matt. 22-35-40 Pr. Serban
04/30/2016 The Meaning of Life The "W" Word -- Witness" Ez. 33:8-9: 2 Pet. 3:9 Pr. Serban
04/23/2016 The Meaning of Life Me, Myself, and I Phil 2:1-2, Is 14:12-14 Pr. Serban
04/16/2016 The Meaning of Life Because of the Lamb Revelation 21:22-27 Pr. Serban
04/09/2016 The Meaning of Life A New Heaven and a New Earth Revelation 21:22-27 Pr. Serban
04/02/2016 The Meaning of Life Worthy of the Gospel of Christ Phil. 1:27-30 Pr. Serban
03/26/2016 The last Day of Prophecy (no recorded) Pr. Doug Batchelor
03/19/2016 The meaning of Life To Live is Christ, To die is Gain Phil 1:21-26 Pr. Serban
03/12/2016 The meaning of Life What are you afraid of? Phil 1:19-20, John 17:3-8 Pr. serban
03/05/2016 The meaning of Life Yes, I will rejoice Phil 1:15-19, John 14:1-3 Pr. Serban
02/27/2016 The meaning of Life The Christian's Progress Phil 1:12-14, John 14:8-11 Pr. Serban
02/20/2016 The meaning of Life Secrects of Happiness Mathew 5:1-12 Adriana Serban
02/13/2016 The meaning of Life I Love You Phil 1:8-10; 1 Cor. 13:1-13 Pr. Serban
02/06/2016 The meaning of Life Grace and Peace Phil 1:1-6 Pr. Serban
01/30/2016 The meaning of Life Secrets of a Meaningful Life Phil 1:1-6 Pr. Serban
01/23/2016 Service cancel due to inclement weather
01/16/2016 Fly the White Flag Elder Gary Moyer
01/09/2016 Reaching Forward (no recorded) Pr. Serban
01/02/2016 New Year Program (no recorded)