Date Series Title Scriptures Presenter
11/23/2019 Beyond Wisdom Under the Sun Ecclesiastes 1:2-7 Pr Serban
11/16/2019 Remember Luke 23:39-43 Pr Serban
11/09/2019 Kerusson Concert Kerusson Concert
11/09/2019 Power for Witness Whatever It Takes Matthew 13:45-46 Dr. David Hartman
11/02/2019 Beyond Wisdom Make a Wish Ecclesiastes 1:1-2;12:1 Pastor Serban
10/26/2019 Get in the Ark Gen. 5:23-6:8 Bonita Reynolds
10/19/2019 Free on the Inside John 8:31-36 Elder Wyatt Allen
10/12/2019 Surviving and Thriving in Troubled Times
1 Thessalonians 5:1-6 Pastor Rosenberg
10/05/2019 Forgiven and Renewed 2 Peter 3:10-13 Pastor Rosenberg
09/28/2019 The Invisible God The Bride of the King! Esther 9:20-22 Pastor Serban
09/21/2019 Chaos and Calm! Isaiah 26:1-4 Bev Winsted
09/14/2019 The Best Religion James 1:26-27 Pastor Liga
09/07/2019 The Invisible God—God in the Book of Esther From Death to Life Again! Esther 8:15-17 Pastor Serban
08/31/2019 The Invisible God—God in the Book of Esther Behold the Gallows! Esther 7:2-6 Pastor Serban
08/24/2019 The Invisible God—God in the Book of Esther The Great Reversal! Esther 6:6-11 Pastor Serban
08/17/2019 The Invisible God—God in the Book of Esther And If I Perish, I Perish! Esther 4:13-17 Pastor Serban
08/10/2019 The Invisible God—God in the Book of Esther I Am A Jew Esther 3:8-15 Pastor Serban
08/03/2019 The Invisible God—God in the Book of Esther Miss Persia—Luck or Providence?! Esther 2:15-18 Pastor Serban
07/27/2019 The Invisible God—God in the Book of Esther But She Said NO! Ester 1:1-12 Pastor Serban
07/20/2019 The Invisible God—God in the Book of Esther The king of Kings Pastor Serban
07/13/2019 One Like the Son of God Daniel 3:24-30 Bonita Reynolds
07/06/2019 Pictures 1 Cor. 13:9-12 Peter Cousins
06/29/2019 The Greatest of All 1 Cor. 13:4-8,13 Pastor Serban
06/22/2019 Super Conquerors Romans 8:35-39 Pastor Serban
06/15/2019 Land Mines Psalm 19 Jeff Collier
06/08/2019 Incredible Romans 8:31-36 Pastor Serban
06/01/2019 Failure—It Happens 1 Cor. 13:4-8 Jeff Collier
05/25/2019 Under His Wings Romans 8:31-34 Pastor Serban
05/18/2019 God’s Way 3 John 2 Peter Carsten
05/11/2019 God’s Softer Side Proverbs 31:28-31 Judith Hawkins
05/04/2019 Getting Out of the Rut” Mark 1:15:17 Jeff Collier
04/27/2019 From Slavery to Freedom Predestined to Salvation Romans 8:29-30 Pastor Serban
04/20/2019 Eastern Concert (no recorded)
04/13/2019 From Slavery to Freedom Beyond Bad Things Romans 8:28 Pastor Serban
04/06/2019 International Ceremony
03/30/2019 From Slavery to Freedom What to Pray For? Romans 8:26-28 Pastor Serban
03/23/2019 Homesick Romans 8:23-25 Pastor Serban
03/16/2019 A Call to the Youth Emanuel Asres
03/09/2019 From Slavery to Freedom Cursed is the Ground Romans 8: 19-22 Pastor Serban
03/02/2019 From Slavery to Freedom The Heirs of God Romans 8: 16-18 Pastor Serban
02/23/2019 The Redemption of Our Bodies Romans 8: 22-25 Adriana Serban
02/16/2019 From Slavery to Freedom ABBA! Father! Romans 8: 12-15 Pastor Serban
02/09/2019 Is It Real? John 17:17 Jeff Collier
02/02/2019 From Slavery to Freedom Ground Zero Romans 8:5-11 Pastor Serban
01/26/2019 From Slavery to Freedom The Spirit Romans 8:1-4 Pastor Serban
01/19/2019 From Slavery to Freedom Pardoned Romans 7:20-8:1 Pastor Serban
01/12/2019 Called to Serve 1 Timothy 1:12 TCA High School Choir
01/05/2019 From Slavery to Freedom A Year of Victory Romans 7:14-17 Pastor Serban